As a sommelier my curiosity for new and unknown grape varietals never stops, and as a culinary educator I am always en route to bring back new flavors to share with my students and clients.


As a passionate Food and Wine Lover, Suzanne graduated as the Top

of her class at the intensive Court of Sommelier Certification in June 2012.

As a sommelier her passion is expressed through her Wine and Food Pairing events/classes and  her well seasoned European background of Old World Wines and her continuously curiosity of finding quality New World wines through her international traveling.

Suzanne is one of the few  female Sommelier Sabreurs in California and will enlighten your parties with saboring champagne bottles to celebrate special and ceremonial occasions!


Worldchefs International LLC provides:

* Professional and Recreational Wine Seminars

* Sit Down Wine Seminars

* Wine Themed Team Building Events

* Personal 101 Wine Training

* Wine and Food Pairing Events or Classes

* Wine Party Receptions

* Personal Sommelier Service at your home

  1. *Private and Commercial Wine Consultant

  2. *Sabrage Parties. Invite Suzanne to impress your guests with her special technique for opening a bottle with a saber used for ceremonial occasions.


                      Sommelier Services

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